Where I’m Comin’ From

Now normally I would not send anyone, least of all my readers, to a really dodgy newspaper website.  However, this particular one happens to be my hometown rag.  The editor-in-chief is a drummer and a big fan of the jazz program in my hometown, so he always gives good coverage to the state championships, where the Harlan Band has been placing in the trophy class since they started that competition.  I am proud to say that I played drums in that band the first time they ever won Iowa Jazz Championships in 1999.  Congrats to another group of young Iowa jazz players, the Harlan Jazz Experience.

You may not hear from me for a few days for the same reason that my posts have been sporadic and short for the past couple of weeks.  I’m in the middle of writing my preliminary exams, after which I’ll be ABD!  Then it’s off to Uganda again . . . that link should keep you busy while I’m out.


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