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Ekyoto: Stories Around the Fire

Part of Taata‘s (Dad/Mr. Magoba) job at CBS is to host a vernacular radio program called Ekyoto.  It’s a folklore program that’s fairly popular within Buganda.


He tries to cater to a family audience with some fun games for kids and some really interesting language games that are fun for all ages.  He was kind enough to invite me to the program several times during my last visit.  The day after I arrived in town, he hosted me on the program to witness the dramatic stylings of several students from Makerere University.

They enjoyed musical collaborations with students from Makerere’s Department of Music, Dance, and Drama.102508-5

Magoba writes the radio plays himself, and the games and songs come along between plays and commercials.  The adverts you see on the wall are for Entanda ya Buganda, which is a periodical published by CBS and printed by New Vision.  Mr. Magoba is a major contributor and he supervises the marketing of the mag as well.  There are also two students from the Uganda Martyrs’ Primary School there on the left.


Ekyoto is always fun, so I hope to be on the program again.  Many times the guests are school music programs that have done well in the national school music competition cycle.  Really good kids, amazingly long attention spans, and fantastic music…maybe I’ll try to include a sound clip next time!



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