Travels With Nakayima, Part 9: Kalagala Falls, Uganda

24 April, 2009

I don’t have an abundance of stories from this particular trip, and the last post was long, so I’ve opted for more of a photo-essay on this one.  Enjoy!


Another tourist site without any tourists.  People do come here for rafting, and for good reason as you’ll see, but with nowhere to stay, it’s not a very attractive destination for tourists…yet.  There’s a hotel being built even as we speak that overlooks the falls.


In this pic, I’m close enough to the water that you can see all of the various undercurrents working against each other.  I wouldn’t want to swim in this, but a raft would be fun.






Near the water, there are some impressive rocks, some of which are huge.  There are also caves in the rocks where people leave offerings for spirits.



barkrocksThen there are some very hallowed rocks.  People who cover rocks like this normally say that it’s the spirit of the place who instructed them to do so.  They take this very seriously; bark cloth is not cheap.

essaboFinally, the ssabo (shrine).  People have started putting tin rooves on these because in the long run, it means less upkeep.  It also deters vandals, who have an easier time burning down thatched-roofed huts than tin-roofed buildings.

That does it for the travels with Nakayima for now.  There are a couple of other journeys with other folks that I would like to tell you about in upcoming posts.  Stay tuned for those and for a special farewell to Uganda post.


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