The handful of people who read this blog don’t need to notice my silence here to know that I’m home, because they probably all know me personally. Still, I’ve been quiet here and busy elsewhere since returning from this most recent trip to Uganda. It’s only now, two months later, that I’ve got my head above water enough to do some online reading and writing. 

I’ll have time this week to finish up a post on my recent trip to Chicago, but in the mean time, I’m reading some really fascinating stuff elsewhere. Here’s a piece that I think my students might enjoy, courtesy of my friend Mr. Shank. Then there’s this lively debate on the state of American higher ed. that’s far more interesting and important a debate than anything I’ve ever read in CHE. Meanwhile I’m jumping back into an old volume on The Professionalisation of African Medicine for my book write-up and reading several good articles and dissertations along the way. So, while I sympathize with some of JunctRebellion‘s perspectives, I’m fortunate to say that for those of us lucky enough to have full-time positions, it’s not all doom and gloom.

More soon on why…


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