Steppin’ Out With the Classics

My wife and I are doing some things that I’ve wanted to get into for a long time: checking out classic movies and literature.  You might say that we’ve had classic taste in other arenas for a long time.  We both grew up playing and listening to jazz, appreciating classical music, and I even sang some opera scenes in college.  We both stick to non-trendy looks when it comes to style (with some notable exceptions).  Even our silverware is a design that Oneida isn’t likely to discontinue any time soon.  You get the idea.  Somehow, we’ve always had some musicals and classic novels in the backs of our minds that we just never saw or read.

Well, I just finished one of Jenn’s favorite books, Truman Capote’s acclaimed nonfiction novel In Cold Blood.  We watched the movie Capote again recently, so I decided to follow up with a second read through Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.  Meanwhile, Jenn is tackling the behemoth Southern classic Gone With the Wind.  Last night, after a really tasty pizza at our favorite local family restaurant, we settled into Easter Parade.  Judy Garland and Fred Astaire song-and-danced their way through a film that we both enjoyed thoroughly.  What drummer wouldn’t love this opening dance number?

Although both of us had played the tune many times, neither of us realized that Steppin’ Out With My Baby was from that show.  These are things two music majors ought to know, so I think we’re both pretty pleased with this new old entertainment trend in our lives.

Next up on the Netflix queue: Casablanca.  That’s right: never seen it.  What can you do?  It’s never to late to catch up on the classics.



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5 responses to “Steppin’ Out With the Classics

  1. um, he SITS on a drum, pete. badbadbad. 🙂 That’s pretty cute. it should probably be required that if one is going to sing a song in swing choir, s/he sees the original source. hmmmm. i didn’t even know that there was a movie called easter parade, much less that steppin out came from it. i love you.

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  3. Sally

    Ooh, I know that I’m posting a comment way after the fact, but… what did Jenn think of GWTW? (My FAVORITE book ever) How’d you like Casablanca (one of Tom and I’s favorite movies ever too)

  4. artclecticacademic

    Jenn loved GWTW. I kind of feel like I need to read it now. Ever since she read it, I’ve noticed Southerners making references to characters in it. Still never rented Casablanca this summer (boohoo!) but it’s another one of those essential experiences in the classics, isn’t it?

  5. Mom

    Big Bird—hahahahaha! Glad to hear you haven’t forgotten! And not smiling in pix is just like Great GranMa and other ancestors! Thanks for the great Christmas update. We love you!

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