Okay, okay, I’ll try harder…

It’s been almost two months since my last post, and that one was recycled.  I wouldn’t have given a second thought to this, but then people approached me at two separate conferences to inform me that they either follow me on Twitter, read this blog, or both.  Thank you, then, to the few faithful readers who abide long absences and the strange stories that punctuate them.  Despite my best efforts, this blog in both of its forms has been primarily a travel blog that keeps family and friends informed of my activities.

C’est la vie!

Alas, I am about to embark upon the final phase of my dissertation field research.  So thanks as well to the American taxpayers, who will underwrite this most recent portion of the project.  So, as usual, I will undertake this portion of field reflections as a less formal form of fieldnote.  I leave in a little less than a month.  Enjoy the ride!

Until then, it’s Christmas photos, hopefully those featuring my dog in various ridiculous costumery…


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