Popular Music Symposium

We are thrilled here at Claflin University to have Dr. Felicia M. Miyakawa giving the keynote for our inaugural Sympsium on Popular Music! Her talk will be entitled, “Sampling, Canons, and Digital Genealogies,” or, “How a Familiar Spiritual Ended Up a Long Way From Home.” Felicia is working on her second book project and–among various other projects–co-editing the Avid Listener over at Norton. Music professionals of all stripes, take note: this is a tremendous new initiative.

If you haven’t been on any of my various e-mail blasts around campus or town this month and you’re hearing about the Symposium for the first time, come over and check it out. We have student presentations at 2, Felicia’s talk at 4, a student songwriter giving a workshop at 5, and a reception at 6.

Be sure to check out other Black History Month events at Claflin later this month, too!


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