“E-Motion” Digital Exhibition Opening!

The time has finally come! Twleve of my fieldwork photographs and my new documentary film will all be on view at this exhibition starting tomorrow. If you cannot attend the opening reception, I hope you can come and see the tremendous work our colleagues in the Art Departments here at Claflin, over at South Carolina State and beyond have been creating. Our works are on view through most of Feburary at Claflin’s Arthur Rose Museum.

Flyer_Digital Show 2015

I am grateful to wonderful colleagues in our Art Department for their invitation to collaborate on this show and their diligent work in getting it up! M.I. Hossain and Raishad Glover curated and hung the show, Xan Jennings ran point on any number of important details, and Anthony Deiter invited me to participate. I could not be more excited to share the great privilege of my field research experience in this way. Many thanks to you all and especially to the generous communities of Irondo and Nawandyo, Busoga, Eastern Uganda.
Mweebale inho inho inho bannaife!



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